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Cornell Road’s proximity to Balch Creek and its traverse of Forest Park mean that it has profound impacts on some of Portland’s most sensitive and relatively pristine natural areas. Any future improvements to Cornell Road should emphasize emphasize enhancing environmental sustainability as a primary objective. Create storm water runoff improvements along Cornell in the park such that there is reduced impact to the watershed. Further, any future improvements should consider the quality of life of nearby residents and visitors to Forest Park.

Some of the discussion topics the CRSC has considered include:

  • Recognize the importance and value of Rural Reserves in travel demand management.
  • Protect historic resources along the Cornell Road corridor.
  • Accommodate and promote alternative modes of transportation.
  • Design traffic integration that meets neighborhood and local needs.
  • Preserve a “green” Cornell by reducing the carbon footprint, reducing pollutant runoff, and mitigating traffic impacts to Balch Creek.

What are your experiences with and suggestions for promoting sustainability and quality of life along Cornell Road?

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Jeff Douglas —

A sewer line runs under Cornell. I am concerned about the live expectancy of the current pipe and the possabilty of a break and the ensuing contamination of Balch Creek. I think you should consider alternatives to plastic sewer pipe that have a longer live expectancy.

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