Implement Neighborhood Collector Function

Cornell Road is being misused as a de facto regional arterial between Miller Road and NW 25th Avenue, with high commuter traffic volumes and speeds. Yet the road is classified as a “Neighborhood Collector.” A Neighborhood Collector functional classification would mean a reorientation of lower Cornell Road towards local access between adjacent neighborhoods, rather than a focus on commuter traffic. We believe this will reduce traffic volume, reduce vehicle speeds, and create gaps in traffic to allow safer local usage.

The City of Portland classifies Cornell Road as a Neighborhood Collector. Neighborhood Collectors are intended to serve as distributors of traffic from Major City Traffic Streets or District Collectors to Local Service Streets and to serve trips that both start and end within areas bounded by Major City Traffic Streets and District Collectors.” “Some Neighborhood Collectors may have a regional function, either alone or in concert with other nearby parallel collectors. All Neighborhood Collectors should be designed to operate as neighborhood streets rather than as regional arterials.” “They are not intended to be major ‘through routes’ from one side of the City to another.”

What are your experiences or thoughts regarding this particular recommendation?

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Jeff Douglas —

Need to develop area to maximize use of public transportation, not cars. This project will only benefit the construction companies and will have no benefit to the surrounding communities. It will make the traffic and pollution worse. Make the construction companies pay for bringing the MAX line onto Cornell.

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Peter Stark —

Jeff, wow, Max on Cornel would be something, maybe streetcar would be more appropriate. However both are a long shot. Having said that your suggestion is a good one. Part of the draft plan intends to work with TriMet to get a bus line on Cornell to support the four neighborhoods along it’s path. Certainly Audubon could benefit from a bus as well. Peter

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