Embrace Forest Park & Wildlife Corridor

We plan to establish lower Cornell Road as a parkway that embraces its role as providing access to Forest Park and the Balch Creek Watershed. We suggest marking the points where Cornell enters the park as a gateway to the park. People using this section of Cornell should be cognizant of being within the park and should be made aware of park amenities and its relationship to the natural habitat and wildlife.

Some of the discussion topics the CRSC has considered include:

  • Redefine Cornell in terms of how the corridor can serve Forest Park and the Balch Creek Wastershed.
  • Recognize and promote the Cornell corridor as a destination as well as a parkway.
  • Create a gateway at both ends to indicate entrance to Forest Park.
  • Emphasize Cornell’s role in providing access to Forest Park by:

o Highlighting trail accesses

o Enhance pedestrian safety and visibility at Audubon Society

  • Emphasize the scenic aspect of the Corridor through visual cues, signage and historical markers.
  • Emphasize the use of water management and filtration systems and how the street can be modified to reduce impact to the Balch Creek Watershed.

What are your experiences with and suggestions for embracing Forest Park?

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Jeff Douglas —

The wider the buffers along Balch Creek, the better, for those who love nature and those who live in the natural world.

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Jeff Douglas —

Solar panels on houses and public buildings. Solar hot water should be used for every structure. Will the trails be cyclist friendly? Will the park have a big outdoor stage for “music in the park” or similar events? Will there be a community water reservoir? Will there be rain water catchment and grey water systems installed to irrigate the parks trees and vegetation in the summer?

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    Peter Stark —

    Ironically, this goal may be key to success of the other goals. Once we establish the importance of Forest Park and respect it’s resources – citizens will respect the use of Cornell as a Parkway not a Speedway. In many respects this is a PR goal. At the same time having seen Jeff’s comments above, I realize we may be shortsighted with this effort and should take it further. Peter

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