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Using objectives from the Portland Plan, establish Cornell Road and its improvements as a model for addressing similar concerns where roads have exceeded their designated and intended use. The bases of the project should be to show how these improvements ultimately encourage alternate modes of transportation. The city of Portland and TriMet have invested considerable funds in transit systems. If roads (like Cornell) continue to be used as a bypass to the major arterials, commuters will be encouraged to continue to commute in Single Occupancy Vehicles (SOV) and not encouraged to use transit systems established to improve access to the cities portals.

The CRSC is considering or has implemented other demonstration projects along Cornell including the following:

  • Creating a water detention or retention system at each of the trail crossings with graphics and signage showing how the system addresses road water run-off before it reaches Balch Creek. The demonstration would be instructional to hikers that cross the road.
  • Create the nations first LEED certified infrastructure project. Work with LEED to develop standards and guidelines for LEED certification for this project type. Incorporate sustainable design and construction (Equivalent to LEED) in all future improvements. There are no guidelines for a LEED certified infrastructure project – Portland would be the first.
  • Use the city’s Sustainable Transportation Analysis and Rating System (STARS) for all future improvements along Cornell.
  • Create an emergency vehicle friendly speed table to allow fire, paramedics and ambulance vehicles the ability to bypass speed bumps while reducing the speed for general traffic. This demonstration project is currently underway on Cornell Road.

Do you have an idea for a project you think would benefit Cornell Road, Forest Park and/or Balch Creek that the CRSC should consider?

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Jeff Douglas —

There should be fewer cars. Bring the Max line right onto Cornell Road. This should be paid for by the city BEFORE any construction can start.

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